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Reclaim the MAGIC of Cyclical Living!

Transform your relationship

with Women's Wellness!

RECLAIM your cyclical wisdom

CONNECT to your body AND be inspired by a team of women's wellness experts as you DEEPEN your journey with the Divine Feminine!


'Everyone needs to be a part of this special community!'

The Women's Wellness Library is apart of

Magic happens when women gather

The New World Women Collective

The New World Women Collective is a multi-platform support network for women.

A One-Stop Holistic Shop for ALL your Women's Wellness Needs!

What is inside The New World Women Collective?

As well as an incredibly supportive and nurturing collective you get access to:

  🔸 Women's Wellness Library FULL of Wisdom

🔸 Weekly LIVE Women's Wellness Sessions

🔸 Catch Up / On Demand Library

🔸 Over 50 Different Types of Sessions

🔸 20 Women's Wellness Practitioners

🔸 Members Discounts on 1:1 Products & Services

🔸 Learning Portals to support STEP BY STEP education

🔸 Community APP & EASY Booking System

The team AND the amazing women in the collective are here to be here for you just as you are, good days, bad days an all! Having a community gives you an unlimited resource to SUPPORT you on your journey to health & wellness 🧡

'The area we are the greatest is the area in which we inspire, encourage and connect with another human being.' Maya Angelou


What our members say...


Women's Wellness Library

The New World Women is dedicated to the evolution of Women's Health & Wellbeing.

Every month we add new content to our Women's Wellness Library. 

If there is a topic you would like to explore which is not apart of the library, please do contact the team and we will add this wisdom as soon as we can. Enjoy learning to create a more happy and healthy YOU!

Meet the TEAM supporting you to
re-connect & reclaim your POWER!

Personal Mentorship from Founder Olivia 

13 years experience in the holistic field and supported thousands of people with wellbeing practices across the globe!

  • YA Registered Yoga Teacher

  • Certified Period Coach

  • FEMM Instructor

  • Priestess Apprentice 

  • Certified Aura Mediator

  • CPD in Counselling, Nutrition, Women's Health & Wellbeing

  • Partner to Kai creating a life they LOVE from the inside out!


The New World Women TEAM has been hand picked by Olivia to bring you the BEST tools & practices to support your life!


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